The PEI coastline is well known for growing some of the top quality shellfish in the world and on top of that list is the Malpeque oyster. These oysters grow wild in the cool saltwater bays and inlets all around Prince Edward Island.

At PEI Coastline Shellfish we buy oysters from individual license holders that harvest them in the wild. Harvesting involves standing in small oyster dories and using long tongs to rake them off the mud and sand bottoms of the bays and rivers.

We also buy oysters that are farm raised off bottom in cages. All of our oysters are then relayed in cages in our deep saltwater lease to ensure product traceability.

Our oysters are then graded into two grades, choice and standard. Those grades are then graded into small, medium and large sizes and packed in the count per tack that the costumer requires. You will be very happy with the PEI oysters we offer.

Brudenell Bully Oysters

We buy these green-tinged,salty oysters from local fishers.The oysters are harvested from public oyster beds mainly in the Three Rivers water system in Kings County P.E.I. These are the Brudenell River, Cardigan River and Montague River.

The oysters are bought at our processing facility in the center of these rivers in Georgetown, P.E.I. We then relay the oysters on our lease in the middle of the beautiful Brudenell River, where they get their rich, salty flavor from the deep cold water that flows in from the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Cardigan Cup Oysters

Cardigan Cup oysters are  harvested from the Cardigan River and Three Rivers region of Eastern PEI. We buy these oysters direct from the local fisherman who harvest them just at the right time and in a sustainable manner. Small choice sized oysters take approximately 5 years to grow to their size of 3 inches. These oysters have a full cup and are great for restaurants, events or gatherings of any sort. Our Cardigan Cup oysters are meaty in taste,  and just the right amount of a salty kiss at the end.